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Birthdate:Mar 12, 1986
After Jadeite was condemned to Eternal Sleep by Queen Beryl, Nephrite was sent to replace Jadeite.

Unlike his predecessor Jadeite and fellow Shitennou (Zocyite and Kunzite), Nephrite did not believe that the indiscriminate attacks against human beings as the most efficient way of gathering the vast amount of energy required in order to revive Queen Metallia (the Negaforce), but rather hypothesises in targeting specific people as a more effective method.

A firm believer that human destiny is guided by the movements of the stars in the heavens, Nephrite used astrology to perform inside his operations base (a large mansion located in a wooded area of the vicinity of Tokyo) intonation with the star's and its constellations to help him concentrate his energy in locating individuals within the region of Tokyo that were approaching major turning points in their lives where their "energy potential" would be at its maximum before attacking them.

By seeking out such a person and marking an object which epitomises his or her greatest talent with a special symbol - his own personal crest - he could place a youma inside of that object which would hasten their interest with the object (to the point of obsession) as they devote more and more energy towards using their object until that person reaches their maximum energy potential.

Once this point was reached, he would unleash the youma from that object and drain that person of his or her energy leaving that person in a coma-like state. Nephrite would seek out that person under his established disguise: the human identity of that of a millionaire entrepreneur and socialite - Masato Sanjouin

The starlight attack (スターライト アタック)was an ad-hoc offensive attack performed by Nephrite against Sailor Moon in episode #23 of the anime. The starlight attack would consist of three variations.

The first variation of the attack emitted a large force of energy which originated from the palm of Nephrite’s hand and was used to knock Sailor Moon to the ground and save the life of Naru Osaka (Molly Baker) by splitting the mask of youma Yasha into two. The second variation of the attack was formed as he clasped his hands together and called upon the stars to give him power, then fired blasts of power at Sailor Moon to again incapacitate her. The last variation of the attack saw him cross his arms to form multiple balls of light, which orbited in circles similar to a planet's rotation. Upon gaining enough energy would he fire the projectiles at her.

Both the second and third attacks missed Sailor Moon although it is obvious that it can do quite a bit of physical damage to whatever it hit. Nephrite uses this attack while disguised as Masato Sanjouin (Maxfield Stanton), but he can probably perform this attack in his true form. The name of the attack seems to be a reference to the astrological means Nephrite uses to perform intonation with the stars and its constellation. In the original anime, Nephrite would yell "Starlight Attack” before he would attack his target.

Both mun and muse are over 18.
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